Z-type bottom base element:

Product description

The (reinforced) PVC pipe is installed by press fit in the Z-type bottom base element. The X and Y elements (Y element with the cone down) are installed on the pipe. Height adjustment in the XYZ system is achieved in two places, by using the appropriate length of PVC pipe and on the top X-type adjustment base (the height range is +/- 20mm). Z-type base element has a diameter of 200mm, thus providing stable support for terraces up to 400mm high. The large diameter of the base element makes it possible to install our system on thermal insulations (such as polystyrene or polyurethane foam).

Technical data
Height 60-400 mm
Diameter of the “X” element100 mm
Diameter of the “Y” element123 mm
Spacer (grout) 3 mm