Terrace supports

The substrate should be level and stable, and cleaned of any impurities that have accumulated there, so that the support can rest on the surface.

ABC system (adjustment range 10-55mm). XYZ system (adjustment range 60-400mm).

It all depends on the size of the tile and the recommendations of the tile manufacturer. Often the manufacturer recommends that you use 5 supports per tile.

The spacing between joists when building wood decking depends on the thickness and width of the decking boards.

The width of the spacer grout is 3mm.

The supports have an adjustment system so that you can get an even surface height.

We do not have rubber pads on offer.

You can use our calculator to calculate the number of supports needed.

The maximum pressure on the supports we produce is 400kg


The plastic used for the production of palisades does not degrade quickly, so its durability is very long.

We recommend that the palisade be placed about 5cm above the line of the fixing anchors

You can make a circle with a circumference of 1 meter using Eco-Palisade

Eko Bord edging systems

To achieve a 90-degree angle, you do not need to use the connecting fasteners and do not need to connect the edging systems to each other. You can achieve a right angle by laying two Eko-Bord edging systems perpendicular to each other and anchoring them to the ground as close as possible to where the edging systems are in contact.

The recycled plastics from which Eko-Bord edging systems are made are specially selected to ensure high durability and strength of our edging systems. In addition, this type of plastic does not degrade for many years, so the durability of our products is very high.

The garden edging systems remain almost invisible after proper installation.1 Only the top edge of Eko-Bord system can be seen.

For light and medium soils, we recommend plastic nails, and metal nails for hard substrates such as clay or crushed stone.

For straight lines, fasten 3 nails per meter, and for curves, 4 to 5 nails per meter.

Our garden edging systems are made of blends of polypropylene (PP) and 100% recycled polyethylene (PE).

Due to the fact that after installation, the Universal Eko-Bord edging systems become an almost invisible part of the pavement, they only come in dark graphite colour.

Eco-Bord edging systems have connecting fasteners, so you can create a uniform stable line. You should connect the edging systems of the same height together.

It is a blend of 100% recycled polypropylene and polyethylene.

We do not sell by mail order, our distributors in Poland carry out retail sales.

Because we are a manufacturer, and we sell our products through a network of distributors.
Product prices can be obtained directly from the distributor.

You can use Eko-Bord edging systems on the driveway for passenger cars in the case of paved surfaces.
In doing so, it should be noted that the total weight of the vehicle should not exceed 3.5 tons, and this applies to a driveway with light traffic (access to the property, access to the garage).

By making a cut in the lower part of Eko-Bord edging, it is possible to create non-straight edges of the pavement.


Mowing the grass is possible to a maximum height of 1-2cm. It is also necessary to use a suitable grass mixture that can cope with the harsh conditions of use.

We offer a grate for both passenger cars and trucks.

Eko-grate can be used on the slope because it provides protection against embankment landslides.