About us

The EKO-BORD edging systems have been manufactured by our company since 2000. During this time, this product has won the respect of many pavers, contractors and landscape designers across the country.

We launched a new 58mm high edging system (Eko-Bord Max) in 2004.

In order to complete our product range, we added new products heights of 27mm (Eko-Bord Mini) and 78mm (Eko-Bord Grand) to our product line in 2009.

After taking a closer look at the market for garden edging systems, we decided to introduce another product in 2010: Eco-Palisade, an alternative to wooden fences and palisades, which is perfect for marking out paths, separating flower beds and building garden pavements.

Since 2015, we have started working on the production and launching of innovative systems of terrace supports and pedestals, allowing the installation of (ceramic, concrete or stone) tiles or joists with terrace boards. The first products: We presented the “A, B, C” terrace supports at the beginning of 2016 at the GARDENIA trade fair in Poznań. A few months later, we launched an innovative “X, Y, Z” support system that allows the laying of both decking boards and the installation of joists for wood and composite decking. At the moment, we can offer a full range of supports and pedestals necessary for the construction of the so-called raised terraces or ventilated terraces.

For many years we have been promoting our products at the largest building and gardening trade fairs in Poland, such as Budma, Gardenia, Green is Life, Katowice International Fair and many other fair events throughout the country.

From the very beginning, all our products are made exclusively from recycled raw materials, which is not insignificant for our environment.

Our biggest goal is the satisfaction and happiness of our customers.

EKO-BORD SYSTEM” wishes you much success, and we invite you to cooperate with us