Eko-Bord BIG

Product description

The main advantages of ECO-BORD are:

The possibility of creating free non-straight pavement edges, especially when using the type of setts called “starobruk”, which means old style pavement. Thanks to its design, ECO-BORD is an unobtrusive element of pavement.
With “ECO-BORD” you can mark out and mark off any shape of gravel or grit paths, including pedestrian or bicycle paths in parks and green areas of cities. It can also be successfully used as a separation between lawn and farmland.
Quick and easy installation and no need for excavation significantly reduces the cost and labour intensity of pavement construction.
EKO-BORD is made entirely of recycled materials, which, in an era of increasing waste, is important for environmental protection.
Masonry stone
Granite paving stones 15x17
Fencing flowerbeds
Gravel and grit pavements
Bark chips
Technical data
Height (± 2mm)100 mm
Length (± 5mm)1000 mm
Width (± 2mm)85 mm
Weight (± 0,05kg)0,75 kg
Colourdark graphite