Eko-Palisade 17cm

Product description

ECO-PALISADE is an alternative to wooden or concrete fences and palisades. It is perfect for marking out paths and marking off flowerbeds.
In combination with Eco-Bord Grand edging system, it allows you to create eye-catching garden pavements.


  • durability and resistance to weather
  • aesthetically pleasing and high quality product
  • possibility of forming any lines
  • quick and easy to install


  • Brown
  • Terracotta
  • Green
  • Graphite
  • Grey

ECO-PALISADE is made of recycled materials, which is not insignificant for our environment.

Paving stones, 8cm
Granite paving stones 8x11
Gravel and grit pavements
Technical data
Length (± 2mm):1 000 mm
Height with pins (± 2mm):240 mm
Height without pins (± 2mm):170 mm
Wall thickness 5 mm
Weight (± 0,05 kg)0,7 kg