Eko-grate black

Product description

ECO-GRATES enable effective hardening and stabilization of the ground. They are an alternative to concrete paving slabs or paving stones. They form a biologically active surface, providing an opportunity for grasses to seed and grow. The compact design provides high load resistance and deformation resistance under high pressure (up to 310t/m2). The load resistance is guaranteed by a properly executed substructure. The substructure type should be specified in the building permit design. Proper levelling and hardening of the base and levelling layer ensures that no depressions will form on the road. The seller is not responsible for problems caused by improper execution of the substructure and improper installation.

Examples of application sites for ECO-GRATES include: heavy traffic parking lots, grass/gravel parking lots, fire department access roads, access roads, manoeuvring yards, pedestrian and bicycle paths, campgrounds, property or garage entrances, garden paths

Parking lots for heavy traffic
Grass/gravel parking lots
Fire department access roads
Access roads
Manoeuvring yards
Pedestrian and bicycle paths
Property or garage entrances
Garden paths
Technical data
Width500 mm
Length500 mm
Height40 mm
Weight1,4 kg
Colour black
Durability up to 310 t/m2
Autaover 3,5 tonnes