Eko-Bord edging systems

Methods of installation of Eko-bord edging systems. When installing edging systems at temperatures below 5°C, it is recommended to use an expansion gap of approx. 1.5 ~ 2.0cm every 5m.

A set of tools necessary for the installation of edging systems.

The edging systems are connected to each other with simple and convenient connectors.

By making a cut in the lower part of Eko-Bord edging, it is possible to create non-straight edges of the pavement.

The Eko-Bord systems are fixed to the ground with nails: - made of plastic for soft ground (lawn, farmland, sand) - made of metal for hard ground (clay, crushed stone).

Arrangement of agrotextile.

The final phase of the Eko-Bord edging system assembly is to cover it with grit, bark chips, etc. so it is not visible.